Not Quite Parallel

Over SMS, BJ asks:

Aaloo paratha is to a punjoo like curd rice to a tambrahm agree?

Not really. As TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan pointed out, for TamBrahms curd rice is both necessary and sufficient1. However for Punjews aaloo parathas are only sufficient2, since they can be replaced by mooli parathas, gobi parathas, or makki di roti.

Put another way, you cannot be TamBrahm if you do not eat curd rice. You can be a Punjew even if you don’t eat aaloo parathas, as long as you eat makki di roti instead.

1: He was drawing an analogy to how Indian economists treat statistical jugglery.
2: Provided they are two number aaloo parathas.

4 Responses to Not Quite Parallel

  1. FGB says:

    This is totally unfair. I am lactose intolerant and hence cannot indulge in the wonderful tradition of thayir saadam.

    I do think that that you can be a TamBram if you don’t eat curd rice but eat Sambar (which is absolutely critical) and enjoy Rasam Saadam.

  2. Aadisht says:

    This disproves nothing. You’re TDC.

  3. Kunjithapatham Iyer says:

    The தயிர் சாதம் is also called தஹ்யாண்ணம் (DahiyaanNam) and is a sacred, very revered offering to the lord, Siva. Siva, also known as குஞ்சிதபாதம் (Kunjithapatham) is the Abhisheka priyan. He loved to be decorated, prayed to, and given sacred offerings. Such amrutham, is thayir saadam.

    But sadly, our modern, hectic, capitalist world has laid its dreaded cold fingers on this amrutham of the gods.
    Myself, I like thayir sadam, but sadly, my good wife has lost her old touch and no more makes it the way I like it – with a little green chilli, some hing, and a dash of salt.

    But one very “nammava” tradition is Coffee. Kumbakkonam degree kaapi, they say, can cure even the most leprous soul.

  4. Kunjithapatham Iyer says:

    Pardon my grave error, sir. I had erroneously entered my email address as snkunjithapathamiyer at the rate of gmail. Please do note my correct e-mail id for purposes of further discussion. It is

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