Meme too

Chandru tags me with a meme:

All you have to do is select and upload one photo that you have clicked this year that is special to you. Could be anything…aesthetic, technical or personal. Also, put in a short note why it is special.

Right. Photo(s) below the jump, then:

The first photo is one that I’ve already posted this year – the portrait of the forlorn little girl at Out of the Blue, Bandra.


It’s special because it’s the first time I ever took a portrait and it came out just right. People have told me that it needs to be in black and white, or that the cropping needs to take out the gate, but I think that it can’t be improved on.

If photos which have already been posted don’t count, then I humbly submit this one instead:

Kids in (Blurred) Motion

Initially, I thought this was cliched, and badly cropped, but I’ve come to love it over the past six months. The motion blur of the kids as they ran out of the gate was a lucky accident – I hadn’t set up settings or anything intending to get a motion blur. This is my favourite unplanned, lucky accident photo of the year.

I tag nobody.

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  1. Ravages says:

    The second. Nice. Very.

  2. Ram says:

    Stumbled (not the tech stumble) upon ur site …. liked the 1st one …… also the hillarious 2008 recount ….

  3. IdeaSmith says:

    I liked the second one..and for the same reasons. Hebby noo yurr!!!

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