The Importance of Mendel

Sometimes I worry that one day, a Greenpeace volunteer and an ICICI Credit Cards sales executive will meet, fall in love, marry, and have babies. And that with this awesome parentage behind it, the babies will grow up to be the most tenacious, irritating direct salesmen ever. Words cannot describe the unspeakable horror that would result.

Then I remember that inheritance is Mendelian and not Lamarckian. And I sigh with relief.

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  1. Ritwik says:

    There is of course, the assumption that those are acquired traits. Maybe they are inherent ones, and that is the causal reason behind their joining Greenpeace and ICICI in the first place.

  2. Agree with Ritwik. This is the old ‘nature vs. nurture’ argument. There may be a Greenpeace gene and a ICICI gene; maybe they just haven’t been discovered yet. The next question to ponder after that: what if both of them are recessionary traits?

  3. Aadisht says:

    BPSK: You mean recessive traits, don’t you? I don’t think ICICI would hire people with recessionary genes.

    Ritwik: What eldritch plans could possibly have led to the evolution of an ICICI gene? For such a gene to exist would suggest that evil walks among us, carried from generation to generation, seeing us purely as prey. Ia!

  4. Lol, sorry for the typo – yes, I meant recessive traits. So if the ICICI gene and the Greenpeace gene are recessive, then there is a one in four possibility that the spawn would be the “most tenacious, irritating direct salesmen” you fear. Still pretty bad, I suppose.

  5. The horrors are almost upon us already—I was at the local ICICI office this morning, and whom do I see outside, if not a bunch of Greenpeace volunteers hassling the already hassled ICICI customers.

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