The Underpants of Power

Bangalore Central now has Spider-man, Noddy, and Pokemon underwear for sale. Tragically, only in children’s sizes.

This is most discriminatory. Why do only kids get to have superhero underwear? I want superhero underwear too. Though I’d prefer Saint of Killers or Bigby Wolf on my underpants. Commentors, please refrain from making jokes about Apollo and Midnighter.

(Incidentally, the Underpants of Power was a concept used in a strip comic which got discontinued within almost a year. I’ve forgotten the name. The main character was a little girl who lived with her widower father. Her best friend was a nerd and there was another spoilt-princess character. Does anybody remember what this was called?)

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  1. ankur says:

    won’t u look too ridiculous wearing underpants over ur pants?

  2. Priyanka says:

    Underpants of power! LOL!!

  3. Kiran says:

    The only strip-comic I remember in this context is Felix and his Amazing Underpants 🙂

  4. metalhed says:

    here’s some costumes in adult sizes; and what you could possibly do with them on:

  5. […] my quest for superhero underpants remains unsuccessful, I have discovered the next best thing: Homer Simpson […]

  6. IdeaSmith says:

    At last…somebody who’s read Fables!!! Bigby Wolf does not wear his underpants outside. Oh err..but in certain situations, he wears ONLY the underpants. (“You better carry this if you want me to have something to wear when we get back”)! :-p

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