Political Incorrectness Gone Wild

Apparently, Bombay colleges are appealing to their students to refrain from making ethnic jokes, what with the inflamed situation:

Several colleges — probably the city’s most multicultural hubs — have informally cautioned students to go easy on community remarks, which would otherwise mean nothing more than harmless jokes and jibes. 

“The students are very young and have no malice. Since we have a huge mix of students, it is important to be careful,” said MB Madlani, principal of Raheja College, Santacruz. “Teachers have informally talked about the issue and our students have responded maturely.” 

(Hindustan Times)

This is all well and good. Especially because this appears to be a sensible discussion of risks rather than a blanket ban, which is quite surprising for Indian education. But what to make of this quote?

Sociologist Nandini Sardesai said the caution is demographically defined. “Colleges in areas like Parel, Shivaji Park and Dadar should be more cautious. India, including Mumbai, has a tendency to be communal at every level, be it religious or regional.”

I am enraged. How dare this so-called sociologist draw these invidious distinctions between the various regions of Mumbai? Where does this Colaba-prancing, Marine Drive-promenading, Cathedral-types socialite get off claiming that Goregaon types1 are more prone to violence than she is? This is regionalism of the worst sort. Someone should advise her to avoid unnecessary remarks.

1:For the benefit of new readers, IIM-B racism splits Maharashtrians into Cathedral Types (those who live in Bombay south of Mumbai Central), and Goregaon types (everyone else).

2 Responses to Political Incorrectness Gone Wild

  1. ravi says:

    Oh! Nandini Sardesai is also the mom of Rajdeep Sardesai! :O

  2. SM says:

    It is one thing to take off on ‘invidious distinctions’ and quite another to try and contextualize. Those who survived the recent Raj ‘Thok’eray’s ill-informed, motivated and ‘look-at-me-i-too-exist’ syndrome-led assault on ‘uttar bhartiyas’, and well-documented assaults of his uncle on all communities including ‘marathis’, know it well that Parel, Shivaji Park and Dadar are bases of these rabid parties. They have their ‘HQs’ there. So also, probably the most number of the lowest of the lumpen they seem to attract, hail from these regions. Having stayed there for good thirty years and seen the antics, where even the cops would not dare take on a driver whose vehicle sports the logo of either of these, it probably is a sensible advice.

    I am no apologist for Sardesai but remarks taken out of context robs one of fairness. Incidentally, IIM-B should consider a third category for the ‘Thok’eray types: Rats.

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