Lines of the Day

I have a daughter. I will not be allowing her anywhere where restrictions are placed on her during her periods.

(The Brat, the Bean and Bedlam)

Indeed! Why let society, sisters-in-law, or mothers-in-law restrict where you go or don’t go when it’s so much more efficient to let your mother do it for you?

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  1. confused says:


    Please get back to Kansa posts..

  2. VK says:

    The sentence seems to have been edited now..

  3. Ritwik says:

    too smart by half. intolerance for intolerance doesn’t really constitute intolerance. else it’s an endless recursion.

  4. Ideasmith says:

    Eve’s worst enemy is not Adam but another Eve. I’ve said that so many times, it’s practically a cliche now.

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