New Digs

In the name of Amibah, the most powerful, the most vengeful, I welcome you to, the new home of Givvup Only Are There.

The shift over from has happened because:

  1. seems to be one a spam database and has been getting rogered by spambots the past few months. I kept going over my bandwidth quota, and the site would be down for half the month. Not fun. This domain name will hopefully remain off spamlists for a while. Even if it doesn’t, I now have eight times as much monthly bandwidth.
  2. I want to put sober and professional image at in case recruiters or admissions committees come looking. So after a month or so it’ll only have a resume and a writing portfolio.
  3. sounds cooler. Ethnic chic are there.

Thus, please update your bookmarks, your blogrolls and your feed readers. Please note that:

  1. I am on a new server as well as having a new domain name. I have much more server space as well as much more bandwidth. I may use this for cool stuff, therefore. If I have the time.
  2. The feed for runs off feedburner, and so my flickr photos and links are included automagically.
  3. I have finally updated my blogroll after years of masterful inactivity, and it’s now trimmer and lighter, and with fewer blogs that haven’t updated in months.
  4. The new server and domain do not automatically imply that I’ll post more. That will remain correlated to my level of NED.

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  2. harithekid says: sounds definitely cooler. You seem to have rid yourself of all traces of HTness.

  3. Aishwarya says:

    I am horrified that no auspicious ceremonies were performed in this shift. You must have one immediately.

    I will procure the infants.

  4. skimpy says:

    how will you procure the infants?

  5. Aishwarya says:

    Nah, too much work. I have a clever (and inexpensive) plan all mapped out, but it cannot be leaked on the internet.

  6. Aishwarya says:

    [I’ve just passed up a glorious chance to make a bad production/consumption joke]

  7. Aadisht says:

    As Aishwarya points out, the idea is to consume babies, not produce them. Cf. the famous statement of Murali M Natrajan: If you want milk, do you keep a cow in your backyard?

    In other words, consuming infants is capital intensive, while producing infants is labour intensive.

  8. Dibyo says:

    If the process of making babies is REproduction, do we call the good work REconsumption?

  9. gaspode says:

    Excellent. And what new horrors will you unleash from your new-found bastion? Where’s the celebratory infant BBQ?

  10. Wanderer says:

    Can I term this “infantile humour”?

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