Infant Sacrifice Catches On

The Kansa Society’s advocacy of the slaughter and consumption of children is making its way into the mainstream media. This is most pleasing.

First, Namy Roy informs me over GTalk that she had recently watched a TV interview of Tom Hanks. When asked how he managed to satisfy the audience all the time, Tom Hanks apparently said that the secret of his success was regular infant sacrifice. Joyous.

Next, Mr. D. sends me a link to this wonderful T-shirt, featuring an owl which wants to eat your children:

I Will Eat Your Children

And finally, there is the new Mirinda ad, in which Zohra Sehgal expresses a desire to pickle infants with onions:

As gaspode points out, this diet explains that remarkable lady’s longevity.

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  1. purplesque says:

    Less snotty whining kids, more Zohra Sehgals..that is exactly what we need.

  2. gaspode says:

    Infant sacrifice is society’s way of compensating for mommybloggers.

  3. Prasenjit Dasgupta says:

    Humans have a habit of eating seeds, not letting them evolve into a tree. Guess that is now catching on to their own kith & kin.

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