Dare I Make a Microbrewery Joke?

Yesterday, Skimpy forwarded me this link, and immediately changed his tagline to “2 dollars. Why didn’t I bid for Lehman Brothers?”. This sparked the following conversation.

me: Look at it this wat
$2 = 93 rupees
3:26 PM
with that you could buy a hummus and pita bread
and have some change left over
would you be happier owning Lehman?

Karthik: 11 11

me: or having hummus and pita bread

Karthik: hummus

The original inspiration for using Lebanese fast food as a standard store of value came from this profound post by Kunal. Please read it.

Later on in that conversation, I brought up employee buyouts. But things quickly took a scatalogical and American-beer-bashing turn:

me: you know
4:30 PM
at two dollars, why didn’t the employees buy Lehman?

Karthik: agreer
would’ve beenfight to split the cost da
4:31 PM
2K people together put together 2$ => each guy pays 0.1 cent
how do they pay that to each other?

me: in beer
4:32 PM
Karthik: dei you don’t even get half a glass of beer for 2$
so what? each guy contributes a drop or what?

me: or they can deduct it from their PF

Karthik: 11

me: axshully
American beer is piss

Karthik: 11

me: each Lehman Europe banker contributes one drop of piss

Karthik: hahahaha
that’s tough too
just one dro

me: sells it to Dick Fuld as Budweiser

It’s not that tough. They can use droppers or something.

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4 Responses to Dare I Make a Microbrewery Joke?

  1. Kunal says:

    Woah, man that is an expensive hummus and pita bread! For $2, I could get an awesome Falafel Sandwich at Yatagan’s (at McDougal and Bleecker, look for the sign saying “$2 Falafel”).

  2. Kunal says:

    As I forgot to say in the previous comment, you have to convert to Lebanese Fast Food at Purchasing Power Parity.

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  4. wnwek says:

    Not that the employees didn’t consider it… I am sure of it, but if you knew what the liabilities were, would you be stupid enough to actually buy it šŸ™‚

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