Kids These Days

Skimpy has not one but two posts where he abuses the students of these days who are useless and lazy incompetents who don’t speak IIMB lingo and don’t organise the IITM open.

Although “these days” are just two years after “back in our days”, it’s never too early to abuse your juniors. It’s one of the great natural processes of life, rolling on through the batches. It gives people who miss college and are annoyed at work an opportunity for some pleasing schadenfreude. And in this sterile modern world of ours, it’s the closest substitute for the tribal elders performing ritual circumcision on the young and grumbling about how they can’t take it. In our day, of course, Lord Kamaala was the tribal elder.

The role of grumpy old men in any society is a greatly underappreciated one. Fortunately Skimpy is carrying it out with aplomb.

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