When Doves Invade

So this morning, a little bird decided to fly through the open window into our living room. Once inside, it perched on our cordless phone’s base station.

 Dove Perching on Phone

It eventually decided it didn’t like the phone, so it went on to the network hard disk. Over here, I got off a shot which shows off its blue feathers.

 Dove Perching on Hard Disk

By this time, I was squeezing off lots of shots and the bird got nervous. So it crapped on the hard disk and flew away.

Nice bit of weirdness to start the day.

5 Responses to When Doves Invade

  1. Beatzo says:

    Let me guess, you were playing Masakkali very loud in the morning. Happened to me last night, Sonam Kapoor came in through the window and drooled over my DVDs.

  2. Anon says:

    Can we have a before/after shot of the External Hard Disk?

  3. gaspode says:

    If it was a pigeon, it would have crapped *first*. I hate pigeons. Pigeons must die.

  4. Bhanu Prasad says:

    Aadhist turns into a symbol of world piece 🙂

  5. Bhanu Prasad says:

    BTW…the blurred white object in the second picture looks like a wireless router…..

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