So Much for a Happy Series Finale

Moving back to Delhi has meant that I now watch TV that is not Balika Vadhu and Bigg Boss. My mother usually has FRIENDS turned on when I get home. These days, Star World is showing the final season again. And this made me realise…

So FRIENDS wrapped up in 2004, right? And in the last few episodes Chandler and Monica buy a house in the suburbs and move there with two newly adopted infants. Hmmm.

So basically they bought a house in the suburbs at what was almost the peak of the housing bubble. And now the housing bubble has collapsed. It’s possible that their mortgage is underwater and they owe more than the house is worth. Not only that, they have to pay for kids. But even worse than that, look at their jobs. Chandler is in advertising, which is the first thing that gets hit in a recession. And Monica is a chef and relies on people putting discretionary expenditure, which is also just not happening in these harsh times. Unemployment therefore looks very likely. And they live in New York, where health insurance is very much employer-dependent (my uncle is avoiding early retirement for this very reason). So, to summarise:

  • they’re paying much more in EMIs than their house is worth
  • they’re probably unemployed
  • and they have to take care of two small children

Their lives are truly miserable. Which means that there is actually hope for them – they now have a bright chance of getting on to a show on Colors.

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  1. Ravi says:

    Nice post! Like the thinking
    Maybe Monica will start selling grass using her bakery as a front (Like Nancy Botwin on Weeds)

  2. Namy says:

    Also, consider the rest of the junta –
    Rachel: Single mom working in high-end retail, living in Paris
    Mike & Phoebe: Musician + Masseuse – dependent on discretionary spending
    Joey: Actor – let’s not even bother
    So it’s Ross and his “boring” academia/research for the WIN!!!

  3. Kunal says:

    Uh, the Housing Bubble peaked in 2006. In 2004, the peak was still a ways off.

  4. Prats says:

    Man loved the approach and the inferences. Awesome Post!!!

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