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Dear non-Punjabi readers,

Punjab’s famous couples are Laila and Majnu, Heer and Ranjha, Sohni and Mahiwal, and Shirin and Farhad. I am curious. What are the equivalent doomed romances in Bongland, Ghaatiland, and South of Hebbal Flyover? Please tell me in comments.



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  1. Atulya says:

    Clarification: The real life Laila and Majnu are Bedouin, the original literary Laila Majnu are Persian, and even the Indianized literary Laila Majnu are from Rajasthan.

    Clearly, even you have fallen for the NoHF propaganda which believes that anything NoHF is from Punjab.

  2. shivu says:

    yediyurappa and shobha karandlaje love has been blossoming for some time now close to the Hebbal Flyover.

  3. neelakantan says:

    Hell, those Punjus have taken over even the Hebbal Flyover – I cant think of any 🙁

    Kannagi – Kovalan, probably? Savitri-Satyavan? Oh, but you wanted doomed ones – these are victorious love stories…

  4. Mohan says:

    Rajkumar – Jayanti? Puttanna – Kalpana? There is Muddanna-Manorama in Kannada literature, but that’s just husband and wife having romantic conversation. No doomed love story.

  5. Chetan says:

    Not exactly doomed in the same manner as the ones you mentioned, the closest Maharashtrian counterpart would have to be the romance between Bajirao I and Mastani.

  6. Nandu says:

    This listing of ‘Punjab’s famous couples’ is fundamentally flawed.
    Laila Majnu and Shirin Farhad are from Persia – which is a fair distance from the Punjab, by any stretch of the imagination. And Sohni Mahiwal are from Sindh, which may be close enough, but then so is UP – which would make Amar Singh and Jaya Prada the equivalent from current times. That story is so tragic at so many levels, it’s not even funny.

    Can’t think of examples from Ghaatland, except maybe Bajirao and Mastani (but that wasnt really a GOOD tragedy, they didnt exactly die for each other, etc.). Only defense regarding lack of names from the South is that South Indians are potentially more successful at dealing with societal angst (‘dushman duniya / zaalim zamana’-type crap).

  7. Manojar says:

    These are the only 3 examples cited in all the tamil movies… in the same order…

    laila-majnu, romeo-juliet, ambikapathy-amaravathy

    the usual dialogue is — hero/heroine who is about to die will utter the words “let our love live like the love of legendary laila-majnu, romeo-juliet, and ambikapathy-amaravathy” then they usually jump off a cliff, or drink poison

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  9. skimpy says:

    raj and rashmi
    sine and aarti
    (insert name of couple from ek duje ke liye here)

  10. Aadisht says:

    Neel, Kovalan-Kannagi is doomed enough no? I mean it destroyed an entire city. Difficult to get more doomed than that.

    Mohan, Chetan, Manojar – thanks!

    shivu oh yes. But that romance is dooming Karnataka rather than the louwers no?

    Nandu – the Punjabi imagination is incredibly flexible and stretches very far. You Goregaon Types can’t understand.

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