Appropriate uses for mangos:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh fruit served with icecream
  • Mango pickle
  • Panna
  • Added for flavour while steaming fish
A terrible waste of mangos:
  • Mango milkshake
  • Mango lassi
  • Mango icecream
  • Murabba
Borderline uses of mangos:
  • Chhundo

5 Responses to Mangos

  1. Nishit says:

    Mango with milk (not shake type, but close to fruit salad type, if you will)

    Warning :- Recommend only with 100% non-sour mangoes viz Hafoos and Kesar. But probably you Delhiwalas don’t know that.

  2. skimpy says:

    my mom eats mango-with-milk (like what nishitd has said – totally nonsour mangoes – bangalore’s Badami mangoes are also good for this – as are aphoos and kesar) with chapati (note that this is layered oil-chapati and not phulka). supposed to be a fantastic combo (most of my extended family swears by it) while i’m indifferent.

  3. Then of course there is that bit about how Mangoes are not cigarettes

  4. Sumedha says:

    Oh, come on! Mango lassi, I agree, is fairly disgusting, but I looove Mango Milkshake. I’ve spend the last 3-4 months in Singapore, where each mango costs around $2-3, and where I don’t possess a mixie [yet] which will allow me to make my Mango Milkshake, so the milkshake is one of the first things I asked for when I reached home a couple of days ago. That, and plain lassi. And musammi juice, fresh. Mmmm..

    But I do not like the concept of Mango served with icecream, just as I don’t like strawberry sundaes. Fruits and ice cream are not meant to be mixed! 🙂

  5. Manav says:

    I know I’m being pedantic. but isn’t the word mangoes?

    Mango Milkshake isn’t bad.

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