My Trip in Beer

Cobra Beer

In order:

  1. Stella Artois, near the Tower of London. Recommended to me by Nega Maami.
  2. Amstel, at Henry’s Bar in Piccadilly. Also a Nega recommendation. Dry and delicious.
  3. Cobra, along with delicious paalak paneer at a place called… Punjabi Spice? Punjabi Spirit in Hounslow. As strong as Kingfisher, without the unpleasant aftertaste.
  4. Warsteiner, on the Lufthansa flight to New York.
  5. Heartland Brewery Wheat Lager once I got to New York. Not too bad. It was Masabi who suggested meeting at Heartland Brewery, and I have to thank him for it.
  6. Heartland Brewery Pumpkin Ale. Delicious, but an acquired taste. With every sip, I thought to myself – ‘Is this really beer?’
  7. Sam Adams, in the Dulles lounge. If this is the pinnacle of mainstream American beers, I weep for that unhappy nation.
  8. Uerige Alt in Düsseldorf. Even more of an acquired taste than the pumpkin ale, and very difficult to get used to if practically all your beer till date has been lagers.
  9. Franiskaner Weissbier at Frankfurt. This, I think, is the start of a beautiful friendship.

I tried nothing at all in Texas, mostly because I was far too zonked. Corona will have to wait for another time.

3 Responses to My Trip in Beer

  1. rajagopal says:

    You went to Texas and didn’t try Shiner Bock? Many alcoholics^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H friends used to swear by it.

  2. Kunal says:

    Sam Adams actually has some decent seasonal varieties – their Summer Ale in particular cannot be recommended enough.

    If you hadn’t made your Greenlandic detour, you could have joined us for Sapporo Reserve on tap (with Japanese-style bbq prime ribeye), but alas that was not to be.

  3. Sukhpreet says:

    Should try Hoegaarden next time, its Belgian and one of my Favorites. Down south in Texas you would rather drink Bourbon whiskey. You should visit Oregon or Washington to enjoy all the microbrews. You should try stout one of these days as well.

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