What Do They Call This In France?

Angus Third Pounder

I mean, what tops Le Royale? Le Imperiale?

Wikipedia to the rescue. The Angus Third Pounder is not sold outside America and Canada (where it is called an Angus Deluxe in Ontario). No clarification, however, on whether this is because the rest of the world has the metric system, and wouldn’t know what the fuck a third pounder is.

3 Responses to What Do They Call This In France?

  1. Vamshi says:

    they do sell quarter pounders.. so this is basically a size bigger.

  2. g says:

    Because no one else eats as crazily as Americans do. French portions are smaller – in fast food chains too.

  3. Coder92 says:

    If I were to guess, the department responds to more medical than fire emergencies. ,

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