On Being Boring

Nilu claims that being boring is a virtue. And then goes on to write some other nonsense which is completely unrelated.1 But that is irrelevant – the larger point is that it took Nilu two years to come up with a justification for being boring.

Unfortunately, The Mad Momma has pretty much cornered the market on passing off one’s lack of talent or accomplishment as a virtue. And perhaps that only works if your audience is other mommybloggers. And when the puker adopts the method of the pukee, there’s no hope.

In other words – come back theothernilu. All is forgiven.

1: See, I can be condescending without using Latin words.

2 Responses to On Being Boring

  1. D says:

    rofl, muck-stirrer. i wait for the troll-wars to begin.

  2. P says:

    Oh dear. Let me grab the popcorn and grab a ringside seat.

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