Drawing for 4 July, 2020

From Flickr’s explore page, this black and white, full-of-shadows photo jumped out at me:


And this is what I drew:


I drew the two silhouetted people on the left with the umbrellas first, and the lady in the foreground afterwards – and then realised that I had drawn the foreground figure much larger in proportion to the umbrella carrying people than she is in the photo.

That mistake apart, I’m a little pleased with myself for mostly getting her posture right with very few lines and not driving myself furious trying to reproduce exact angles or curves.

The one thing that did throw me off in this photo was getting the angles and proportions of the buildings right. About a day after I drew this, I watched ShaeferArt’s video on two point perspective, and I think having seen that first might have helped me do the buildings better.

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