Drawing for 6 July, 2020

On 6 July, feeling confident after the previous day’s cat, I decided to try a human face again, and found this portrait:


And this is what I came up with:


So… it’s not as bad, and less distorted than the last time I tried to do faces, but it’s still in an uncanny valley. Shivani told me that I had made her bald – and yep, there’s a fall of hair on the left side of the forehead and around the ear that I simply forgot about. And the nose is also off in a way where I don’t even know what I did wrong.

But again,  I’m excited that I could get shapes across with not too many lines; in the torso and the neck.

I seem to have tilted the subject’s head the other way in the drawing as it is in the photo, while mostly getting the shape right. But again, I seem to have made the head bigger than the body.

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