Drawing for 7 July, 2020

After two days of copying close up portraits, I wanted to try something different, and found this archival photo of a steam engine:

69100 Tanfield Lea  22 10 57 021 Howard Forster

This is how I reproduced it:


I had watched the two-point perspective tutorial by this time, and tried to apply it, but it didn’t work. I started in on the train, and found out that by the time I had done the engine and two wagons, I had run out of page.

And despite lots of effort trying to replicate the landscape, it ended up looking really, really flat and without the clear presence of depth that the original photo had.

I don’t know if I bit off more than I could chew and that landscapes are really hard (or at least something where I need to learn something I haven’t learnt yet), or if this is a photo that exposed my lack of skill.

Anyway, onward with both practice and with watching tutorials.

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