Drawing for 8 July, 2020

I got ambitious and did two drawings on the 8th. The first was of this pig:

Contentment- Explored

This is my copy:


I think I got his (her?) smile; but I went slightly off on proportions again – my drawing pig is long and more stretched out than the chubby pig in the photo – and my tub has hardly any water.

Trying to use shading to show the way the pig’s hair was swirling around on the body was fun. Between my drawing and the scanner, I don’t think it’s come through properly, but I think it’s more success than failure.

I also tried to do this monkey ape:

Lar Gibbon

Here’s the copy:


The photo has a whole bunch of fuzzy hair that wouldn’t have come across with outlining. I tried using outlines only for the gibbon’s face and ear (and nipple); and trying to replicate the hair with small pencil strokes. I don’t think it’s come out perfectly, but it was fun.

I also ended up making the right side of his (her?) face slightly disproportionate; and onlt realised it once it was beyond the scope of fixing with an eraser.

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