Drawing for 12 July, 2020

After a very lazy Saturday where I skipped drawing, I got back to it on Sunday but I was still sleep deprived and looked for something easy. I found this:

Le cloître // The cloister

A chance to practice two point perspective and use long-ago acquired engineering drawing skills? Yay! I got down to it, and made this:


The scanner hasn’t done the greatest capture, but I’m not very happy with the drawing either. I got overconfident thinking that this would be simple geometric shapes, and used a ruler, but despite that… this just doesn’t match. I got far too intimidated by the arches on the other side of the courtyard, and I haven’t even got the number of arches in the near side right. Oof.

I haven’t even done the inner pillars (columns?) of the near side. I wonder if I’d have done a better job if I had just tried to replicate it from scratch, instead of overthinking vanishing points. Maybe it would have felt like a better job, at any rate.

At some point, maybe I’ll do a round of fresh attempts; and this is one of the photos that has me frustrated enough to want to redo.

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