Drawing for 15 July, 2020

This morning, Flickr explore was full of wildlife photography, and short on street photography. So I decided to do something new: an insect. This one:

Soldier Beetle

Since it was my first time doing an insect, I was more worried about doing it at all then about doing it right. This is what I came up with:


I have the beetle’s head in line with its body more than the downturned position that the photo has; and using a 2H pencil as shading to represent the red head hasn’t worked out that well – it’s looking a little ghostly and faded. But overall, I’m pretty pleased at having done it reasonably well and in a short time.

Looking at it closer now, there are subtleties to the beetle’s head that I left out of my drawing – something to pay attention to the next time I do an insect.

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