Drawings for 18 July, 2020

Today’s Flickr Explore was amazing – or I felt especially inspired, and there were six photos that I was tempted to draw. I finally did only two, chickening out on one architectural shot, and getting frustrated with a photo of a cat when I started out, and wanting to draw something quickly rather than get bogged down with erasing or drawing. Both today’s drawings are portraits of people.

This is the first:

make a change

And this is what I did:


Hmmm. I’ve made his face more square than long. And I’ve messed up the eyes a little, which is a problem I thought I’d overcome. But apart from that, nothing much. I tried to draw the folds of the kurta, and I don’t know if the way I’ve done it is the best – but I wouldn’t even have been trying last week.

Outlines in 2H, turban shading in 2B, facial hair in HB, and I tried HB shading to replicate the shadow on the left side of the face.

I wish I could do the background shades in some way.

Next up, there was this:


Almost everything is blurry, so this isn’t the sort of photo I’m used to reproducing. Would it be the same as any other portrait, or would there be problems I couldn’t anticipate? Well…


I think what’s thrown me off isn’t so much the blurriness or sharpness, as having to draw a face that’s turned and not looking right ahead. The photo subject’s eyes seem quizzical – and mine seem like they’re out of a horror movie.

I tried to go quick and dirty replicating the pattern of the shirt, and am now wondering if I should have just drawn the crosses (birds?) painstakingly after all.

My attempt to show the blurry lights in the ceiling is disastrous, I fear.

But I suppose a bigger challenge in portraits was important to keep me from getting overconfident.

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