Drawing for 19 July, 2020

The past week or so has left me with very little time to draw, or draw well, for personal reasons that I’m quite delighted about. Where drawing was concerned, my goal these past few days has been to draw anything at all, and not be too hung up about drawing it completely or well.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been drawing them well for the most part. But here come the drawings anyway.

On 19 July, I decided to draw this photo of capuchin monkeys:


And I made this:


I got proportions off again, and by the time I finished the monkey on the right, there was no way to fit the monkey on the left on the same page in the same proportion as he (she?) was in the original photo. And I also had a chore to run, so I let the drawing be with just one monkey instead of erasing and starting over.

What I’m unhappy with: not being able to complete and not getting proportions and composition right. I think the monkey’s left arm is also out of proportion.

What I’m happy with: shading, and being able to show depth between the arms and the torso.

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