Drawing for 5 August, 2020

For whatever reason, on the morning of the 5th, my wifi was acting up, so instead of go through the Flickr explore page, I picked an old favourite. This one:

Five Pigeons and a huge Seagull - Lizzie is just looking (In Explore 2020-07-14)
Five Pigeons and a Huge Seagull, by DizzieMizzieLizzie

And this is what I drew:

I’ve made the left eye a little higher than the right eye, and the whiskers are also off in a way I can’t quite understand. But I’m happy that I’ve got the depth right – even better than the previous day’s baboon. And I’m also proud of myself for using different pencil grades to show the cat’s eyes, the shadow on the left side of her face, and the mouth.

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