Drawings for 2 August, 2020

After taking a break on Friday and Saturday, I wanted to use my Sunday to make up for the missing days and make up for the drawings from earlier in the week that I wasn’t happy with.

I decided to continue “Draw something you’ve been watching” with a Youtube video that’s been making me giggle – a live action reproduction of the “Busted” song from Phineas and Ferb:

I was pleased with my improvement on human figures after drawing the Twelfth Doctor, so I ambitiously decided I wanted to draw the split screen shot of Candace and Vanessa pointing out of the screen.

Turns out I was overambitious:

I was so unhappy with how the proportions were working out that I gave up in disgust and tried to do something else – rework my Twelfth Doctor drawing, where I was unhappy with the proportions of the hands.

That didn’t work out great either:

I think that this time around, his hands and face are in better proportion to his body (though still not a perfect reproduction), but I’ve lost all the detail of the face. In my first attempt I was grumbling that I’d made the Doctor look like Wolverine – now he looks like Constantine. Blech. This, too, I abandoned rather than spend time trying to erase and redo the face.

In despair, I did one last drawing, with a flickr reference. This had both human hands, which had been frustrating me all week, and a bird, which I felt would restore my confidence. Unfortunately, the flickr user removed the photo.

It’s not a perfect reproduction, but I’m happy that I’ve done a little better with the hands, and that the Sunday wasn’t a complete failure.

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