Drawings for 7 August, 2020

The first drawing is one that I’d started outlining on the previous day; and then left to finish the next day because I had to leave early for work. It was based on this reference photo:

home, by Gerben of the lake

This is what I made:

I think I’m so spooked with drawing either human faces or anything where perspective is needed, that I use lighter, less confident pencil strokes. It’s not just scanner settings.

Here, too, the proportions / perspective are off from the photo. But I think I was more confident drawing the Buddha statue than the background.

I’ve now realised that when it comes to drawing faces, drawing the Buddha again and again is probably a great way to learn and get better. The Buddha’s face is serene, unlined, and symmetrical – and it’s a great way to build up to drawing more complicated, wrinkly, tilted faces. I think I’ll be drawing one Buddha face a week for the near future.

I also did another drawing completely from scratch, based on this photo:

Leopard, by Geert

This is what I did:

The depth I tried to show in the ears hasn’t really come through in the scan, but it could have been a little better even in the drawing. Overall, I’m really happy with what I’ve done here. There is room for improvement, but those feel like minor faults and not insurmountable ones.

Just like with the cat drawing from earlier in the week, I can’t quite get the whiskers right.

But I think that this shows that I’m best, and most confident, at drawing felines, regardless of species.

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