Drawing for 19 May, 2021

Lockdown, what is it good for? Stopping coronavirus transmission, hopefully. Getting back to drawing, definitely.

I moved from Delhi to Chennai in October, and the following months of guesthouse life, house hunting, setting up house, and doing two hour one-way commutes meant that drawing went out of the window. Now, with Tamil Nadu the only state in India that’s growing new cases, I’m locked down and not commuting. Time to draw.

I was so ashamed of my first two or three attempts when I got back to it that I haven’t even scanned them. Last night, I finally did something I’m not completely frustrated by. This photograph, taken in Kaohsiung, Republic of China (the best China in the world).


And this is my drawing:

The hand of the woman is a little weird, and the shadows on her legs are off – but I do feel happy about getting the stances mostly correct.

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