Drawing for 26 May, 2021

I wanted to do a portrait. I picked this:


And here’s the drawing:

This is only in 2H and HB. I used 2H to shade the background ferns – and that’s barely shown up in the scan; and HB to shade the shadows on the model’s face.

Like the plane drawing from earlier in the week, I went with instinct rather than trying to measure and recreate angles and lengths of lines. So, again, proportions have become weird – the model’s head has become smaller, I think, while her neck and torso have become larger. But I don’t feel quite as bad about this as I did in the aeroplane. I think I’ve ended up more accurate – it might be self-delusion, of course.

Having absolutely no idea of how to replicate the blur in the background with pencils, this ended up being much quicker and easier to draw then I had anticipated when I bookmarked this photo – since I was doing only the foreground. If and when my sense of how to draw shadows and shades comes back, this will probably be a much more complex photo to replicate.

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