Property Broking is Fraud

January 17, 2008

I think even mommybloggers will not object if I call property broking a fraud occupation. After all, it seems to be giving Prakash Kumar Thakur far too much free time:

“It’s emotional blackmail,” declares Prakash Kumar Thakur, basking in the attention brought by his court case against the tennis star. She has been asked by a court to appear before it on March 10.

“Yes I am happy,” says the 28-year-old property broker, and adds, “the admission means she knows she is guilty”.

Sportspersons alone aren’t at the receiving end of Thakur’s appeal spree. He has also filed a case against a major publisher for “wrongly printing” the Tricolour in a Class VI book, and moved the court against the film Hanuman Returns. Pandey and he have made everyone from the film’s producer to Sharmila Tagore a party for joking about Hindu gods like Hanuman.

Recently, when a woman’s organisation calling itself the Lathi Brigade asked them to withdraw the case against Sania, saying the picture of her with her feet on a table that also sported a Tricolour was the result of trick photography, they too got slapped with a legal notice. Thakur’s charge is that their comment amounted to contempt of court.


Someone, file a 295A case against him. Emotionally blackmailing muscular Gult girls offends my religious sentiments.