Fanboys in Mourning

February 15, 2008

RJ Malavika is getting married as I type this.

If it’s a KT wedding and not a Tam one, I suppose it’s not too late to pull a Benjamin Braddock. Except that I’m happily committed to the perfect girlfriend, and Hari the Kid is in Seattle. So it goes.

Carless in Kodihalli

December 12, 2007

Manipal Motors doesn’t have a free slot for Palio servicing until December 20. Bah. Rocinante hasn’t been running properly since the middle of November, and I’m now into my fourth week of taking autos to work (and everywhere else for that matter).

This comes with the following disadvantages:

  1. Before 0830, autos refuse to go to MG Road because they don’t get fares back. After 0830, autos refuse to go to MG Road because the traffic is too heavy and they waste time.
  2. Autos are not fun at the best of times. Being stuck in Bangalore traffic for forty minutes in a vibrating and noisy auto while inhaling fumes from traffic all around you is even worse.
  3. I can no longer listen to RJ Malavika in the mornings. I suspect this is making it more difficult for me to face the trials and tribulations of work.
  4. Without a car, I can no longer go to the gym in the early morning. Work prevents me from going to the gym afterwards. Lack of gymming causes huge guilt while passing Nike/ Reebok/ Adidas outlets (and there’s one of each on 100 ft. Road). No gymming also means no outlet for work-induced stress.

In summary, not having a car means I face additional stress in the form of auto-rides, and that I no longer have outlets for stress (gym and Radio Indigo). And this will go on until 2008.

Death are there.