Urban Decay Photography

April 22, 2009

A year or two ago, this photo-essay on abandoned school buildings in Detroit was quite popular on the internet. It’s very scary and depressing, while simultaneously being very cool.

Then in September or October last year I came across this forum post about half-constructed buildings in Bangkok that were never completed because the East Asian Crisis left the builders bankrupt. Again, many awesome photos of crumbling buildings and fixtures.

Today I discovered (via the LJ Steampunk Community) that photographing urban blight is pretty widespread – and there’s an LJ Community dedicated to it. This post on an abandoned Zil factory in Moscow is really cool.

A quick search revealed two Flickr groups devoted to urban blight as well – Abandoned Urban Decay and Some Urban Decay. This promises to be good stuff for whenever I have some free time for passive reading or photoviewing.