IT in Punjab

Enough has been written about the deteriorating infrastructure in Bangalore that I don’t need to provide links. The fallout of this is that Infosys and Wipro are threatening to pack up and leave, and move to other cities. One of these cities is Sonapur.

And I support this. Absolutely. One hundred percent.

This is not out of any great love for Sonapur. I hate the place. Despise it. It’s nothing but row upon row of government housing filled with pretentious yuppie wannabes. Like RK Puram, but more sordid. But still, I support IT in Sonapur. And to explain this, I would like to present an exchange of emails that took place on the alumni mailing list of my beloved (not!) undergraduate institute, Thakur Institute of Technological Sciences, Parwaanoo.

I am posting the emails without translations, so unless you understand Hindi this really won’t make sense. Sadly, no translation can do true justice to the emotions expressed here.

There has been one small change- I have changed the first names of the people involved. This has been done to protect the innocent, or rather, the guilty.

Here we go.

This is the first email.

Ummmmm hi comp2K,well life is going fine in bathinda.well i visited a deaf and dumb school yesterday on my b’day.although the school has enough funds but still there are 35 children who are very poor and needy. I thought may be some people would like to come forward and adopt these kids on yearly basis.They take Rs 5500 for a child and call it adoption.If you pay Rs 4800 they call it sponsorship.These kids are from villages near Bathinda.If anyone interested can let me know about it May be neat time when any of your close ones birthday falls you would like giving birth to one of these kids
Nidhi Singla

Note how she starts an email with Ummmm. And I have no idea why any one would like giving birth to a poor and needy kid, especially on their close ones birthday, but to each his own.

Now, check out the reply to this. It was sent not to the group, but to Nidhi. The perpetrator was Nitesh Goyal (again, name changed).

Hi Nidhi,
Good job done!!!
main to samajhta tha ki tum India aur Indians ko kuch samajhti hi nahi but i was wrong.Good!!
Can u let me know where this school is?I mean location and name of the school.


After which Nidhi sends back this reply:

sucks goel that is the MOST PATHETIC THING i can think of agar tujhe nahi bhi pata tha to moh phadne ko yahi alumni tits ka group tha bade naaz se sab ko bata ki tujhe is school ke bare mein nahi pata baki sab par kya impression padega ki khod bathinda walon ko nahi pata.NFL KO JO SADAK JATI HAI US PAR HAI.3 din ke baad jaana abhi bachoon ki chotiya hai

which, translated, basically chides Nitesh Goyal for not knowing where the landmarks of Bathinda are, and berates him for displaying his ignorance about his home town to the entire mailing list. Note that he hasn’t actually betrayed it to the entire mailing list, only to Nidhi Singla, but that seems to have skipped her attention. Anyway, lets see the next mail- once again sent to Nidhi Singla personally.

thanks for telling but aadmi ko kabhi kabhi akal bhi laga leni chahiye.
message ke subject main agar group ka naam hai to iska matlab yeh nahi ki poore group ko ki hai.check it out.

and pls mind ur language.
mujhe nahi pata tha isiliye poocha hai, koi shonk nahi hai phaltoo main baat karne ka.
logon se aaram se baat karo aur woh sir pe chad jate hai.

gaaliyan main bhi tujhe nikal sakta hoon par …….

in which Nitesh reminds her that just because the subject line contains the name of the list, it need not necessarily be addressed to the list. I can’t do justice to what follows but in essence it complains about talking politely to people who then get wild, asks Nidhi to temper her language, and ends with “I can swear at you too but….”.

Nidhi now goes on the warpath and forwards the entire conversation to the group, adding these two lines:

guys check out the guy who LOVES ME
Nidhi Singla

Wow. He LOVES HER? I never knew. The things I missed. And now such acrimony. The tragedy, the tragedy. Let’s move on to the next email. This one’s from Nitesh to the group.

thanks again for mailing this whole shit to the group.
U have done great job.
Keep it up!!! but aadmi ko kabhi kabhi akal bhi laga leni chahiye.(kyon apne par pe kulhadi mar rahi ho)
pehle bhi likha tha aur dubara likh raha hoon.
i hope i won’t need to write it another time.


Ah, now things are hotting up. Nitesh has told Nidhi in no uncertain terms that people need to use their intelligence at least sometimes, and asks her why she is axing her own feet. We now see another Goyal- Manish Goyal entering the fray. Let’s see what he has to say.

hi Nidhi

Please control yourself.There was nothing that u r
exaggarating. whatever u’ve written, if it was there,
that’s a thing of past….long forgotten.
move on in ur life…
so no use disturbing the environment of the grp and
the whole batch besides ur own and Nitesh’s peace of
mind.u must feel sorry.
hope to see no such thing in the future…

best regds

to which Nidhi responds:

go to hell I m not interested to be a part of group

prompting this reply from Nitesh:

Kya yaar subject ka mazak bana diya!!!!

People who r not interested can pls ignore this mail.and sorry to bother u guys.

aaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee hai!!!
kash ki tum bhagwan hoti to Hell bhi Heaven ho jata.
if the people like Manish are going to hell then the above statement holds…

aur haan anish yaar pooch to liya hota ki use group main rakhna hai ya nahi after all i love her.
Jao manish main tum se baat nahi karta….

she has to be a member of the group.
We don’t want to miss out the fun that happens in the group because of her mails.
She acts like a cement.Group main jaan aa jati hai.(Is Cement main Jaan hai).
Dil nahise Batao kabhi itni mails fwd hui hai..?? phir??
I know that u r the moderator of the group but democracy naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai especially in a country like India…Manish tumne galat kiya.
and u should say sorry to her…
koi na main tere taraf se bol deta hoon

Sorry Nidhi(from Manish)
jis bande ne college time main bhi teri support ki.teri sudden mails in the group ka reply kiya.
tujhe achche dost ki tarah mana.. u r telling him to go to hell.
Insaan ko kabhi kabhi apni galti maan bhi leni chahiye
sorry Insaan keh diya Galati se **** kehte kehte.
Insaan ke naam pe dhabba ho tum balki dhabba kya dhabba ke bhi abba(sorry for the gender mismatch) ho tum.

Even group is not interested to have members like u.
mail maine ki thi.mujhe reply karti aur tumhe aur bhi achcha answer mil jata.
why r u involving others??

shayad tumhe meri mail samajh na aaye kyonki aisi mail ko padne ke liye intellect chahiye.

so i m summarizing it for u.
We don’t want u to be a part of our group and with the concensus of everybody i would order u to unsubscribe urself from the group.aur thodi si bhi sharam ho to don’t reply back to this group again.

Love u too

All right, I’m not even going to try to translate this. I don’t even understand what the heck Nitesh is trying to say anyway. There is no point. So let’s skip to the next mail, from Nidhi.

bastard deekha di na apni aukaat and ramu tu mujhe is kutte ka proposal accept karne ke liye keh raha tha sorry sweety kabhi bhi nahi and thanks for sending this mail to me I will make sure that I give it to your father and your equally good brother and of course your beautiful cousin mitika check it out sweety never try it again last warning I mean it you will pay a heavy prize after this and do Mark my words better write it on your wall on keep them in your wallet jab bhi apni aukaat dikha ka phir se ho to dekh lena shayad kuch izzat karna seekhe.and for the rest of the group thankyou sweet hearts especially my long term buddy sneha jindal thanks for not beging a part of the entire conversation love you for that sweety and one more thing I m getting some stupid mail that is not allowing me to UNSUBSCRIBE I would have done this yesterday itself but I m getting ths mail again and again so with my concensus I order you to unsubscribe me.

Separating that huge block of text into component sentences, we find that:

  1. Nitesh had once expressed romantic feelings to Nidhi and that Ramu had requested Nidhi to consider the same.
  2. Nidhi considers Nitesh a dog, and wouldn’t mind sending the previous mail to his brother, his father, and his beautiful cousin Mitika. I guess this saves her the bother as they can just read it over here.
  3. Nidhi resents the fact that her good friend Sneha Jindal has not leapt to her defence.
  4. And she cannot figure out how to unsubscribe herself, so she orders the admin to unsubscribe her from the mailing list.

And now, one final sally from Nitesh:

Hi and a very good morning to all of u!!!

log subhah subhah kuch achca padte hai aur mujhe padne ko mila to kya teri mail.
I won’t use these abusive words while describing u.Your name is Enough for that.
oye Nidhi Singla!!!

aur rahi baat mere ghar tak iska print out bhejne ki to pls move ahead.
Dhamki dene ki koi jarurat nahi hai.
aur ho sake to ab wali mail ka bhi print out le jayiyo.

jise apni aucat pata na ho woh keh raha hai ki apni aucat main raho.
Obviously main apni aucat main hi hoon.Tumhari aucat main to reh bhi nahi sakta.

there is no need to involve people like Sneha.They very well know what is right and what is wrong.and moreover why should they be involved for ur stupidity.

Even i don’t have the privelege to unsubscribe u otherwise i would have done it Yesterday itself.
Moderator Pls do the needful.

Ramesh, thanks for whatever u were trying to do but she is not my pick.

My Appologies to the group for spoiling the enthu and the purpose of the group.


Well that mostly says it all. And now you see just why I support IT in Sonapur.

As long as there are no IT jobs in Punjab, people like this- computer engineers from what is supposedly the premier engineering college in Punjab will migrate to Delhi and Gurgaon and Bangalore in search of employment. The horror! The horror!

Ask yourself this: do you seriously want loons like these in your city? You might be tolerant, and willing to tolerate the little foibles of immigrants- but if someone can take a thread that was originally about job vacancies at IBM and turn it into this miasma of negativity and conflict, can you imagine what they would do to a bustling metropolis?

Far, far better to confine them to Sonapur, where there is absolutely nothing they can do to make it worse.

Update: In line with Arnab’s recommendations, I have disguised the names of my aloo mutter as well as of Le Corbusier’s failed experiment in urban design. These are now respectively referred to as TITS Parwaanoo and Sonapur.

50 Responses to IT in Punjab

  1. tiet_guy says:

    aadisht khanna, madarchod, teri aukaat ki tu hamare egroups ki mail publish kare. bhenchod teri gand main itna dum ki tu chandigarh ko gaali de. haraam ke pille, bhool gaya wo din jab tu pure college ke saamne .roya tha. chutiye ke paththe, teri aisa gand marunga ki saari english bhool jayega

  2. Ashish says:

    Good one :))

  3. Kunal says:

    He he, good post! I especially liked tiet_guy’s valiant effort to prove you wrong (not!). And the translations are amazing!

  4. Garuda says:

    Hahaah! good one da

  5. Max masti macha! Keep ’em comin!!

  6. Eluvathar says:

    Good one mate

  7. Bewarus says:

    Is TIET guy something like the IIPMGUY9 character

  8. Salil says:

    In fact, the TIET guy just proves point made by Aadisht. Good post, btw!

  9. Erostratus says:

    Good post Aadisht. Though a violation of privacy and trust of a closed group, interesting nevertheless..
    Whats happening to the IIPM issue, has it died out? No new progress on the issue?

  10. Santosh says:

    (I followed “Ceteris Paribus” here.)

    This is hilarious – :-), sorry tiet_guy but you just proved the point of the blog.

    I have many North-Indian friends, I value them of course, and I would never say they are dense, because I don’t think they are. But they are emotionally charged when around friends, and that isn’t always a bad thing. They’ll say the wildest things and point fingers, abuse each other and still stay friends. They do tend to let their guard down on religion and other matters that are close to them.

  11. Jyoti says:

    Never underestimate the human capacity to create a hurricane Wilma out of a mere ripple of negativity

  12. Just says:

    Cheers to Non aukaat wale nitesh & nidhi & scapegoat Manish

  13. […] Aadisht Khanna makes a case for IT in Punjab. He shares a hilarious email exchange and in turn gets an invective-filled comment on his post. You will appreciate the humor more if you understand Hindi. […]

  14. Akhil says:

    “With my concensus I order you to unsubscribe me.”

    These Words are golden, really.

  15. Arnab says:

    Awesomely brilliant, but their are some logical(and not ethical, that’s a separate issue) flaws in your writing:
    a) You’re abusing your privilege(since I’m guessing you’re not the moderator or owner of the group, and that you didn’t pay for membership) of being part of a particular forum by posting this in public without (as I would guess) prior consent from the group members.
    b) You’re not anonymizing the name of the institution, but still not providing any proof whatsoever that the text was from students of this institution. This is considered defamation.

    Possible solutions to the two problems:
    a) ask for permission from group members
    b) anonymize the institution name, just like you did with the names
    c) provide a link to the actual conversations on the internet. If this is a yahoogroup, chances are that it’s already public, and so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  16. green says:

    Now you will get one legalized and notarized email from Ms Singla, seeking compensation of INR 175 Millions(crores?) for making her love life public.

    Let me issue a press statement(to be published on MSM) —–

    Ms Singla is highly disturbed and deeply anguished in what could be said as a mischevious attempt from a spurned lover to use his infamous network or friends to give a negative spin to some innocous communication over child orphanages and possibly some birth issues.

    She termed the whole affair as deplorable and condemn the use of platforms like this (ref for denigrating the lives of respectable members of the society.

    She was quoted “incidences like this undermine the very rationale that people should come together for humanitarian cause ” while speaking to a select group of bloggers in the blogger meet of Delhi. Main stream media has taken cognizance of this whole episode and reportedly sent few undercover reporters to cover the blogger meet.

    “Presumptous” is how the local editor of a MSM described the act of Mr Aadisht in using the blogs for exchanges like this. Obviously he was busy covering the socialites night out for his page 1 (err 3) so could not speak more but we are very sure that he shares the hurt and anguish of Ms Singla in this whole episode.

    In order to do justice to Ms Singla we would shortly be putting together a series titled “Spurned Lovers- the desperados”. This series will focus in great (juicy?) detail the cheap acts of spurned lovers to use all the forums at their disposal to vent out their frustration on failed love.

    Keep looking out for more in our special sections

  17. Krishnendu says:

    One must say that the conclusion is precise. Are we looking forward to ghetto-isation of IT in India?
    I have been reading ur blog on and off for the past couple of years. Good stuff!
    A small crib. I am facing some problems subscribing to your blog via Google Reader. Is the problem on my side or yours?

  18. K says:

    Don’t they already have Dell?
    On the other hand, this was hilarious. But I was disappointed at the lack of some of my favourite choicest Punjabi abuses.
    And anyway, Delhi is already overpopulated with these loons.

  19. taurian says:

    aadisht has not chnaged a bit!! he has done similar things in college (i guess his “beloved” TIET) and gets a kick out of presenting the personal lifes of people to others in a deameaning fashion. aadisht grow up man!!!

  20. Varun says:

    I am almost falling out of my chair. I was feeling all sleepy after doing some work and was feeling very bored when I read this.

    After the initial few months of the formation of any group such spats are what make it interesting. Something like this (thought not as chatpata perhaps) happens once in a while and depending on how bad it is main aag mein ghee dalta hun else I try to calm down things. And I admit… I myself have been a very active party in many such flamewars πŸ™‚

    One final question: Can I be a part of this group? Please. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

  21. tiet_guy, I request you to leave comments in English for the sake of the South Indian, Maharashtrian and international readers of the blog. Or at the very least provide a translation, as I have done in this post.

    Erostratus, the IIPM issue has mostly settled into a wait and watch phase.

    Arnab, the yahoogroup messages are not publicly accessible so I have anonymized the name of the institute and the village being considered for IT expansion.

    green, I hope it will not come to that. My fragile ego could not possibly withstand condemnation by the MSM.

    Krishnendu, I didn’t quite get your comment. Could you explain what you mean by ghettoization?

    K, they also have a company called Subatomic Particle (name disguised), which said they’d employ me if my CGPA rose above 6.75. Fortunately I got into IIM instead.

    taurian, where have I presented the personal lives of others in a demeaning fashion? I have left the emails entirely unedited except for respecting the privacy of others by disguising their names. If their own actions demean them it is their responsibility surely.

    Varun, I shall ask the moderator if you can join this group with the concensus of everybody.

  22. Pavan says:

    Tiet_guy’s post was supposedly the result of 4 monkeys working for 10 hrs non-stop on a keyboard

  23. AbsurdPPlIlike says: you have a link to your old blog ?

  24. Your father says:

    hey guys!!
    this string is especially for all of u(those who understand english and those who not)And as per the concensus of all of u translation in eng. is provided for every line in hindi so that aadishchutiya and all other global chutiyas don’t have any qualms afterwards.
    PS-translation is written in brackets

    beta(Son) aadisht!

    tujhe samjhaya tha college ke time pe bhi ki jo bhi kaam karna ho apni aucat main reh ke karna chahiye.
    (you have been told at the time of your college that whatever u wanna do do it in ur limits.)

    mujhe pata nahi tu kya karna chahta hai apni life main.aur pata nahi too yeh sab karke bhi kya karna chahta hain.kyon khandan ka naam miti main mila rahe ho.
    (i don’t know what you want to do in your life and i fail to understand what r to trying to prove through this.and why r u spoiling familily’s name.)

    aur bhenchod apni site pe gaaliyan khane ka jyada mazza aata hain.
    (and sister fucker!! i don’t know why r u so much interested in getting fucked on ur own site.)

    socha tha ki IIM b main ja ke to atleast akal aa jayegi par main galat tha
    (thought that atleast after reaching IIM B there will be some sought of mental improvement in you.but i was wrong)

    aadisht ke doston(aadisht’s friend)!!!i am very sorry for u guys.
    beware of him.if does’nt even spare the ones with whom he has spent 4 yrs of his life,u never know when he/she shows his ass to u guys.(every thing in english)

    aur haan beta varun(and yes son varun)!!u can very well be the part of this group but there r some formalities which the people from privelleged IIMB need to fulfill.u need to send ur sisters photograph to the group.aur koi baat personally karni ho to(and if u wanna do any personal talk) ask ur fuckin friend for my number and he/she will give it to u.i will then take ur special interview and then pass the results on to the moderator. it would then be the moderators decision and mind u not with the concesus of all.

    and mr pavan,i don’t know what made tiet_guy to respopnd in that usual manner but i think this is what happens when somebody say anything about one’s college and one’s motherland.
    aur tum jaise langooro aur hijado apni maa ko chudte hue dekh kush hote ho
    (and the monkeys and impotent people like u keep smiling at the time ur mother is getting fucked)

    beta aadisht teri is site ki inti buri halat karoonga ki kahega ki “maine panga kyon liya”??(son aadisht, i will screw ur site and u will regret of having done such a thing and will say out in despair that “why i got in to the mess”
    (rest all is in ebnglish)…
    if everybody in ur college reads what is written then u will be the laughing corner of ur college and people will remember u and say see who is coming”the one who got screwed up on his own site”
    i don’t know whether ms singla will ask u for the compensation of making her life public but u will surely ask me for the compensation for making ur life and ur character butt of all jokes.

    and just pray to god that u don’t meet me in future otherwise u will be screwed up so badly that ur mom will not be able to recognise u.

    kisi aur ko koi comment likhna ho aur apni marwane ka shonk ho to he is welcome.
    (and if somebody still likes to add comment to this and wanna get fucked he is welcome)

    take care,
    ur DAD.

  25. Arnab says:

    Eww, this is getting ugly. Guys, please chill maadi. If you want to scream, do it from your own rooftops, please?

    By the way, Aadisht has full right and ability to delete any comment on this blog. It’s as simple as adding a simple antispam plugin to blanket-delete all the iipmish ones. I presume the only reason he’s not doing it is because you guys are building up his case and adding to the humor and irony. I’m writing this because a significant portion of the commenters don’t seem to be getting this point. That’s pretty sad, actually.

    I have nothing to say about the entire alma mater argument made in many of these comments, but I really don’t think that is what this article was about. Also, the english translation of “hijda” is “eunuch”, not impotent. Ironically, hindi doesn’t seem to have a good equivalent of this word, from the dictionaries I looked up. Considering that language reflects culture; I guess this is a brilliant indicator of our healthy population count.

  26. wimpy says:

    your father rocks!! is he the same as the tiet_guy (who is almost as brilliant!)? why don’t you provide a link to this post to your college yahoogroup so that we can see more such juicy stuff?

  27. dushyanth says:

    sigh …….. and i led such a boring college life …….

  28. Pushkar says:

    Your father is extremely well conversant in both hindi and english – kudos on that to him.

  29. reaper says:

    This is crazy “May be neat time when any of your close ones birthday falls you would like giving birth to one of these kids” and “moh phadne ko yahi alumni tits ka group” (alumni tits ha ha) i m falling off my seat laughing. And do they say that this group is computer engineers ?? I thought you need to know english for being a programmer.

  30. reaper says:

    And by the way are “tiet_guy” and “your father” also “PROGRAMMERS” lol….

  31. erettw says:

    great job done by tiet_guy and your father!!!
    they are rocking and it is very much apparent from the fucked up replies of the IIMB managers.
    mr sweeper(reaper), if at all these guys are programmers then the site of ur friend willl be screwed badly.It will be jammed and porn message and viruses will float in this site.i am not saying that they will do it but i am just giving u a kind of premonition and it will be difficult for u managers to even manage this site.
    and arnab know what he is in english.Good man(sorry for saying so)
    and one more thing.u guys among urself know who u r and it really doesn’t matter to us whatever u may write about us but our one comment will make u the laughing stock for the whole world because of brand IIMB.

    and one thing more for my dear friend Aadisht fuckna..teri itni bhi aucat nahi ki too village ki company main recuit ho sake phir kyon itna uchal raha hai.

  32. reaper says:

    “if at all these guys are programmers then the site of ur friend willl be screwed badly.It will be jammed and porn message and viruses will float in this site.i am not saying that they will do it but i am just giving u a kind of premonition and it will be difficult for u managers to even manage this site.” what better self contradictory statement can one make lol…..

  33. Vick says:

    Sure these guys dont have very good command over written english but how it is gonna affect their programming work? I thought the most important requirement for programming was ‘logic’. Or by IT jobs you meant BPO jobs?

  34. […] I followed Kunal’s “Ceteris Paribus” to Aadisht’s “Maajorly shadymax arbit fundaes“. Aadisht leaked some juicy emails exchanged between on a newsgroup that he belonged to. The emails are written in Hindu – Punjabi and are between a moderator of group and an irate lady member of the group. Well, perhap’s not lady. […]

  35. Sarika says:


  36. punjabi dude says:

    oye tiet_guy aur “your father”

    bhenchodo itna dum hai gaanD mein to kuch kar ke batao. yahaan par apni saDi galee baaton se Punjab ka naam kyun badnaam kar rahey ho. punjab great hai kyunki hum punjabi log khud pe hass saktey hain. tum jaise lund-fakeeron ki jaroorat nahi hai Punjab ko. gaanD mein dum hai to aadisht ko haath laga ke dikhao. bund maaroonga ek ek ki jo aisa try karey. aur dimaag mein dum hai to site ko hack-vack karke dikhao.

    sookhey lund kahin ke.

    Translation….or transliteration-
    hey tiet_guy and “your father”

    sisterfuckers, if there is so much force in your asses then do something and then tell. why are you defaming Punjab’s name with your rotten and leaky words. Punjab is gerat because we Punjabis can laugh at ourselves. Punjab doesn’t need dick-beggars like you. If there is force in your asses then touch Aadisht and show. I will fuck each and every one who tries it. And if there is force in your brains then hack this site and show.

    Dried dicks from somewhere.

  37. bogeyman says:

    tiet guy,your father and punjabi dude,

    the original issue was small town it and its effects but its now become setting camps on either side and taking pot shots.without takin aadisht side or being against him I would like to tell all people of the oft repeated adage that the barking dog does not bite. u people who are cursing from both sides hiding behind the opaue wall of anoyminity are nothing but cowards. and they may show there rage on the topic but they are valiantly impotent.real men dont do Guieralla warfare, they are out in the open.these are the guys who pretend to be brave but pee in there pants at a small setback. if u feel so strongly post ur real ids friends and let us know who u are.. i cant stop smirkin at these comments which purposefully prove the point of the original blog.

  38. Sribharath says:

    Max masti macha…keep rocking dude…this has become pretty famous in IIT’s too..

  39. Dinesh says:

    Good one buddy…

  40. Aditya Kuber says:

    Aadisht, i think it’s time you said something… but this is howlarious!!

  41. Bill says:

    LOL…. :))
    GR8 job khanne
    though i’ve read all mail on group….
    but it was nice to see the way u’ve screwed it up..
    I just cant imagine ‘NITESH’s and ‘NIDHI’s reaction to it. πŸ™
    Just guessing….. they are goin to jump off the roof of DDA office πŸ™‚

    Cheers for ABNM

  42. suhasini says:

    What can I say?? “We are like that only”! Dude! I swear if this was geographically restricted occurance, we’d have some hope of survival Bloody, its an Indian thing! Newyas, shit happens and can someone plz teach these ppl to flush!!??
    BTW, man after my own heart, if I may say so.

  43. Amit Goyal says:

    This is really special!!!

    Amazing work Aadisht! and tiet_guy and your father are just the icing… keep rocking guys!! :p

  44. Shankari says:

    Oye, mujhe saadi dilli de yaad dilla di, in namma bengaluru! Itni khaalis gaali-shaali, believe it or not, I had my own persoanl share of this on my group (shan’t tell you the name of the alma mater, tho’):(

    As I said to those losers, Chhadd yaar, ki farak painda hai… khao piyo, schoola di gallaan chhoddo

  45. Sarika says:

    Comment deleted by administrator due to repeated off-topic posting, impersonation of actual commentors and obscenity from the same IP address.

  46. Sunny says:

    I just got a link of this from the blog site of one of my mates. What i really gathered from this blog is that if the software companies will make way to sonput, we will end up loosing lot of traditional stuff like all the names. As i saw all the names curtsy father and tiet guy etc. were real authentic traditional messages which touches straight to the heart of anyone reading them, while some of the messages like from the IIMB guys were bit more of polished nature but they do lacked the force.. I am not a communist but heavely western influenced :), i still reckon IIMB needs to work on it’s curriculam a bit, and so do TIET to adopt a best match of both the philosphies, Rest about the Topic of the debate, I reckon IT is a big opportunity to take opportunity back to our villages, as you can easily work away in isolation from a big city with just a simple network connection. I think india failed miserably in its first 50 years to create opportunities in the villages and thats why we have smaller cities bigger slums. So its a good move, to take IT to villages. About some of these guys moving to cities etc.. i think some of you guys are more afraid that you might have to move to these smaller cities. i always worried about someone like you a desi with desi mindset (going to iimb doesn’t really changed the mindset) come here and he is going to destroy us, so i was in favour of BPO’s that you stay right there, but now i am bit worried coz i too might be moving there.. you see my point… i can understand mate.. all i can say is Globalisation is the mantra and it start right at Sonapur πŸ™‚

  47. hey, everyone..i just came across this blog and damn it looks punjabi. instead of fighting among ourselves why not do something together to make a change. i started this new blog and would like all of you to contribute and expand it. . and please, only people with a little sense of humor allowed.:-p

  48. […] have been abusing Punjews online since… oh, 2003, and with an especially popular campaign in 2005, and that I am widely acknowledged to be Tam – it sounds like validation. and in the case of […]

  49. metalhed says:

    Damn, I didn’t see this before. I mostly spent my time bemused at the goings on it TIET, and now I am thankful that I kept my distance. I myself would probably not have held back the names. You on the other hand have been far too decent with these retards. How did you manage four years with a bunch of such crass idiots? The horror! The horror! πŸ™‚

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