The Government as Shopkeeper

A quiz question for you, especially if you are an Infamous Cartel Member. Who said/ wrote the following?

Among the multitudinous avatars of our Government, the latest one is that of a shopkeeper. I wonder if the red-tapist at the counter is going to appreciate the psychology of an average shopper and treat him with the considerateness he is accustomed to at his favourite shop. People on their side have no reason to expect that multi-storeyed, multi-purpose, super markets and mighty ‘price-line’ holding establishments will ever do better than our State Banks, Telephones, Airlines, Railways, Cooperatives, Corporations or Coffee Boards, where a customer is reduced to the rank of a supplicant or petitioner, unless he proves influential or aggressive in one way or another.

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  1. shrikanthk says:

    Aadisht Khanna, PGP 2006

  2. The Government as Shopkeeper: A Hint

    As nobody has cracked the question about the government being a shopkeeper yet, I am providing a hint.
    Quite some time after this person made this statement, he/ she became a member of parliament. However, while in parliament he/ she did not really b…

  3. Shankari says:

    Wonder when & where this was written? BTW, the shopkeeper role of the Govt. in the Coffee Board ended in 1995 very definitely! In Banks, phones, airlines et al, it continues of course…

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