How Familiarity Bred Contempt

In 1949, Aziz Kashmiri wrote:

आज कल की नारीयां
आज कल की नारीयां
है मुफ़्त की बीमारीयां, बीमारीयां
रात दिन मर्दों से लडने की करे तैयारीयां, तैयारीयां
काम कुछ करती नहीं, और बांधती है सारीयां


In those simpler bygone times, people used to complain that women would tie saris and not work. It shows how far we have come that now people as diverse as Sri Ram Sene members and Shashi Tharoor make the opposite complaint.

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  1. Manav says:

    Did I send you the link, yes?

  2. Manav says:

    and its saadiyaan, not saariyaan

  3. Myths says:

    Been reading your archives … I like your writing style, there’s an expression of individuality and humour associated with even serious stuff .

    “First they ignore you. Then they call you mad. Then they fight you. And then you win.” – Had me smiling for no reason !!

    While I was reading some stuff, where you speak about most people being dumb and that they’d rather not learn how to think but have something forced down their throat, I am reminded of a joke where a taxi driver responds to a question ” I don’t know what the average Joe thinks, but I think … ” 🙂

    Great going ! Its fun to read what you write

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