How Familiarity Bred Contempt

April 27, 2009

In 1949, Aziz Kashmiri wrote:

आज कल की नारीयां
आज कल की नारीयां
है मुफ़्त की बीमारीयां, बीमारीयां
रात दिन मर्दों से लडने की करे तैयारीयां, तैयारीयां
काम कुछ करती नहीं, और बांधती है सारीयां


In those simpler bygone times, people used to complain that women would tie saris and not work. It shows how far we have come that now people as diverse as Sri Ram Sene members and Shashi Tharoor make the opposite complaint.

Divine Endorsement for TASK

November 6, 2007

After support from Shashi Tharoor and Ratan Tata, the Task Force for Annihilation of the Salwar Kameez gets backing from the big guns:

A change in the dress code for women entering Kerala’s famed Sree Krishna Guruvayoor temple has apparently annoyed the deity, according to an astrologer conducting rituals in the temple.

Speaking to IANS, temple manager Vijayan Nambiar said that astrologer Padmanabha Sharma while conducting the ashtamangalaya devaprasanam (astrological consultations) Sunday said that the deity was unhappy over the entry of women in salwar-kameez.

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I don’t blame the deity. Any right thinking deity, even a Vaishnavite one, would be unhappy at seeing a salwar kameez. Anyway, this is good news. Our war against the salwar kameez can now be called a religious struggle, and we will become a votebank. Such joy.


August 16, 2007

I am starting another new NGO. This one is called TASK, or the Taskforce for the Annihilation of the Salwar Kameez. I will be the President and A Rod will be the Dictator for Life. And Ratan Tata will be the Patron Saint.