Haapy Onam

Happy Onam to all my Mellu readers and fans! You guys rock. May your days be filled with immigration to Gelf and lots of todee.

I first thulped Onam sadhya five years ago at the IIMB mess, where the Mellus in the batch prepared and served it for lunch. Whatta meal. Burp.

Today, alas, I am stuck far far North of Hebbal Flyover. And Delhi doesn’t have a single dedicated Mellu joint (at least, that I know about). Woe.

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  1. Just Mohit says:

    Happy Onam, and you’re wrong! Delhi has (or had the last i checked) an awesome Mellu joint by the name of Keraleeyam
    Address: 60/2 Yusuf Sarai, Opp. Indian Oil Bhawan
    Phone: 011-26527512

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