Haapy Onam

September 2, 2009

Happy Onam to all my Mellu readers and fans! You guys rock. May your days be filled with immigration to Gelf and lots of todee.

I first thulped Onam sadhya five years ago at the IIMB mess, where the Mellus in the batch prepared and served it for lunch. Whatta meal. Burp.

Today, alas, I am stuck far far North of Hebbal Flyover. And Delhi doesn’t have a single dedicated Mellu joint (at least, that I know about). Woe.

Chapter Two

March 30, 2006

I just returned from Ranga Shankara, where I saw Evam, the theatre group from Chennai, performing Chapter Two by Neil Simon. At the end of the performance, they asked us to spread the word if we liked the performance. I did like the performance, so here I am spreading the word.

The play is very good, and in my admittedly very amateur opinion, so was the acting. Especially the performance of the female lead, Andrea Jeremiah. It’ll run at Ranga Shankara until Sunday, so if you’re in Bangalore and free between seven and half past ten, do watch it. Tickets are available at Landmark and Ranga Shankara.