Night and Day

July 8, 2007

The Alkaff Bridge by Day:

Alkaff Bridge - II

Same bridge, by night:

Alkaff Bridge at Night

Sigh. It’s opportunities like this that make me wish I had better skills, and better equipment.

Vibrant Blood

July 7, 2007

Zer Vibrant Blood is zer Vibrant Life

Everybody already bitches that the Singaporean nanny state/ civil society is intrusive, undemocratic, and evil. A poster like this does nothing to contradict that. In fact it makes the Gahmen sound like a bunch of vampires from a B-grade horror flick: “Ah… zer blood… it is so young… so vibrant… so full of life.”

Now that I think about it, if the PAP was actually a coven of vampires, it would explain Singapore’s insanely high taxes on alcohol. They do not want people to drink… vine.

It Should Be Straight Enough to Read

June 22, 2007

A month ago, Garuda’s mall escalators were advertising Levi’s straight jeans (they’ve switched to advertising Miss Lee Slim Jeans now). Anyhow the ads show a gay/ lesbian couple (must… resist… temptation… to… say… ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that.’) with the tagline ‘Not Everything is as Straight’.

The trouble is that when it came to sticking the ads onto the escalator bottoms, Garuda Mall didn’t do it straight. Here, these photos explain. This is the down escalator:

Straight Jeans - The Down Escalator

See, you just stand on the escalator and look at the ad as you go down.

But here’s the up escalator:

Straight Jeans - The Up Escalator

See, you’re turned away from the ad. The only way to see it is if you’re traveling on the escalator backwards. And even then you end up reading it from bottom to top.

Your Town is Very Famous for the Little Girl

May 9, 2007

At the Steering Column

You know, I might get decent at portraiture after all. Someday.

Signs That Make No Sense But Rock II

May 7, 2007

Space Residents Welfare Association

Hey, I think I know some of the members!

Waheeda Rehman is a Goddess

May 2, 2007


The muesli itself:

The Most Important Meal of the Day

You should eat it too.

Is an S4 Coming?

April 28, 2007

Does anybody know if Canon has plans to launch a successor to the PowerShot S3 IS anytime soon?

I’m hugely tempted to upgrade from my Coolpix 7100, but don’t want to find two months after upgrading that my camera’s obsolete.

Melancholia in Mumbai

April 20, 2007

There’s something about Mumbai. The skyscrapers block out natural light. The people block out landscape views. Still, out of all my really awesome photographs, about half were taken in Mumbai. Sample these two:

Monday Morning Blues

I used to see this dog everyday when I was working in Fort. He used to live at the Flora Fountain intersection. So naturally I called him Faunus. He always used to look this miserable.

When I went to Bombay a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph an equally forlorn looking little girl in Bandra:


Very cliched shot, but I still think it’s one of the best I’ve ever done.

Why they are so melancholy is still a mystery. All I can posit is the funda I proposed long ago on my old blog- they’re melancholy because they’re in Bombay. If they were in Bangalore they would be merrily gallivanting up and down Residency Road, and if they were in Calcutta, they wouldn’t just be melancholy, they’d be lying drunk and sobbing in the gutter.

Juvenile Labour

January 16, 2007

Juvenile Labour

The photo was taken at the Fabmall outlet in Garuda Mall. There was a holiday for Sankranti, and a bunch of mothers were shopping. Their kids weren’t as taken with the delights of organic jams and cotton kurtis, and amused themselves by setting themselves up as meeter-greeters on both sides of the door. Customers coming in would receive ‘Hello, sir!’, and people leaving would get ‘Goodbye Ma’am!’ or ‘Thank You, Come Again!’

Eventually they got bored with that and started a furious tug of war with the door as a rope.

Lights There, Lights Here

January 14, 2007

Kuala Lumpur:

The Two Towers